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Looking for a good astrologer try us once,i am confident that you will be satisfied with our services.

Basic Details
Planetary Position
Lagna & Chandra Charts
Chalit Table & Chart
Prastharashtakvarga Table
Ashtak Varga Table
Aspect On Bhav Madhya
Aspect On KP Cusp
Shodashvarga Charts
Shodashvarga Table
Friendship Table
Vimshottari Dasha
ShadBala & BhavBala

Manglik Considerations
Shani Sade Sati (beta)
Kalsarp Dosh/ Yog
Dasha Predictions
Baby Names Suggestion (Beta)
Planet Consideration - PDF
Current Transit Predictions
Your Nakshatra
Your Ascendant - PDF
Your Moon Sign (Western)

Life Predictions
Love Horoscope
Career Horoscope
Nature Horoscope


Remedies include the gemstone recomendation,rudraksh recomendation,and specially small totkas which will help you a lot in progress and growth of an individual.

we will send you more than 100 pages of report about your complete life.you can also talk to me over phone and ask question related to anything.

we will also help for any anusthan or puja required at ujjain like kal sharp dosh,mangal/angarak dosh,pitra dosh pooja at ujjain.

Charges Rs 500 only.

call us at 08476836084 / 08447207758 (Mr Mohit Kumar)​

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